from books to ebooks

Though I’ve used eBooks since the days of the Palm Pilot I’ve always preferrKindle Voyageed paper books. For book lovers they have a smell, texture and feel that is pleasing and comforting. But moving my library from Colorado to St. Croix isn’t reasonable. Neither is storing it – I buy books to read and lend and give away, so there are no rare or expensive titles that would justify a monthly storage fee.

And so begins the move from bookshelves to Kindle.

I settled on Amazon’s Kindle Voyage, which came in the mail this afternoon. There are cheaper eBook readers, but I doubt better:

  • 300 ppi display on a 6″ glare-free screen
  • 6.4″ x 4.5″ x .30″ (compare to a pencil)
  • 6.3 ounces (less than a paperback)
  • 4 GB of storage (thousands of books)
  • Up to six weeks of battery life

The origami cover is nice and simple. It’s sturdier than the iPad cover and lets you read while you’re doing something less important, like eating a burrito. The device also has only one port: charging. I like that there is no audio and no visible button on the front (the power button is on the back). It’s simple, does one thing, and unlike an $800 mobile phone will do in weeks what those phones can’t do in hours.

Now begins the selling and giving away of my most favorite series and collections: J.R.R. Tolkien, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Jordan, Don Miguel Ruiz, Cormac McCarthy, Gabriel García Márquez, Albert Camus,  and Diana Gabaldon. I’ll take time replacing them on the Kindle, and in the process find out which authors I can live without.