finding the familiar

Researching a new place is fun – and doesn’t detract from the thrill of discovery. There are some aspects of my current life I wanted to be sure I replicated on the island:

  • Cigar shop
  • Library
  • Bookstore
  • Coffeehouses
  • Grocery

Cigar shop

There are two cigar shops: Baci Duty Free and Steel’s Smokes & Sweets. My current neighborhood has none. Big win for the island.


The Florence Williams Public Library is also in-town. The library is named after FlorenceĀ Augusta Stephens Williams, the first islander librarian, and was dedicated in 1974.


Though nearly all of my reading is on the Kindle, bookstores are still holy and sacrosanct grounds. On the island that would be Undercover Books.


I would like to live in a coffeehouse. Fortunately there is a coffeehouse in town: Twin City Coffeehouse and Gallery. Just outside of town is The Bistro. I suppose I ought to mention Baked Cafe, which bills itself as a “plant-based restaurant specializing in vibrant feel good food.” I’m not sure the menu and I will be on friendly terms, but I’ll give it a try. (Cigars are vegan … I wonder how they feel about those.)


There are too many markets to list – including farmer’s markets and CSA options with delivery.

What there isn’t

It appears the largest road (two lanes in each direction) is the small bypass road that funnels traffic around the town. Otherwise everything else is one-lane, some are cobblestones, and the waterfront is just that: water in front and no road between the sea and you.

What passes for big-box stores on the island are a few blessed miles away. Otherwise everything is in within walking distance.

Flip-flop roaming terrain.